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The Design Studio
in your Pocket.

Your own design team.

With Foundry, you’re not just employing a designer or developer. You’re gaining access to an entire studio, armed with an arsenal of skills from branding to web design and development.

Our subscription model positions us as a seamless extension of your team. Hand over your tasks to us, and we’ll tackle them one after another where we focus on quality not quantity. Each task is completed and approved before we move onto the next.

This model gives you the full spectrum of our talents without the risk and commitment associated with hiring individual personnel. No need for job postings, interviews, on boarding, or dealing with leave. You can tap into a wide array of skills, with the flexibility to cancel the subscription without the complications of traditional employment.

The Foundry

Design, simplified.

Our subscription service encompasses a wide range of design offerings to fulfill all your creative needs.

From brand design to print and digital design, social media to campaign design, UI/UX to environmental design, and beyond, our services are tailored to meet your diverse requirements.

In this model, we do not impose a cap on the volume of tasks per month; rather, we prioritise focus and quality, undertaking one task at a time. Once the active task receives your approval, we then move onto the next task in queue. For those opting for the Professional tier, we offer the capacity to manage up to two concurrent projects, enhancing efficiency.

Typical projects may include:

  1. Logos, branding, and icons
  2. Brand guides
  3. Design systems
  4. Social media graphics
  5. Website design
  6. Billboards
  7. Wireframes
  8. Mobile apps
  9. Trade show banners
  10. Resumes
  11. Campaign creative
  12. Pitch decks
  13. Stationery
  14. Slide decks
  15. Email graphics
  16. Packaging
  17. Business cards
  18. Digital ads
  19. Infographics
  20. Direct mail
  21. Brochures
  22. Signage


Unparalleled value for brand success.

We transcend the standard subscription model to become your strategic design partner. Our approach goes beyond mere design execution, prioritising strategic collaboration.

We dive deep into your brand identity, business goals, and target audience, ensuring our design executions align seamlessly with your overarching brand.

You gain access to a dedicated design team—an extension of your brand—that delivers consistent, high-quality design across all your touch-points.

Experience unlimited creativity within a predictable budget. Our streamlined processes ensure you get agency quality design without hidden fees or surprises.

No contract means our incentive is quality.


All of your projects in one place.

FoundryCo’s subscription model eliminates the need for in-house design staff, offering you a highly experienced and dedicated team ready to tackle any request.

No more negotiating quotes; our clear and upfront costs allow you to budget with confidence.

We offer unlimited revisions and aim to provide  a 48-hour turnaround* for initial designs, ensuring your projects can move forward swiftly and efficiently.

With your personal dashboard you can easily request and track and all your design projects from one place.


Empowering brand potential.

Free up resources and let your team focus on their tasks while we take care of the design. Subscribe to FoundryCo’s service and unlock a range of benefits.

  • Cost savings by avoiding the need for in-house staff

  • Faster project turnaround, ensuring you get to market quickly

  • Increased design opportunities with unlimited requests

  • Elevated design quality and consistency

  • A dedicated team that knows the nuances of your brand

  • Direct access to your project board for streamlined project management

  • Scale up and down as you need it

  • Save time on administration and budget planning

The Benefits

Unbeatable value, transparent costs.

A skilled team that fills all of your design needs for one monthly fee.

Pause or cancel anytime.

What’s on offer

You’re in good company.

Custom design, every time.

Our design solutions are custom to your brand and objectives. We forgo templates and instead partner with you to deliver thoughtful, unique design solutions that align perfectly with your brand.

Tailored design

Limited partnerships available now.